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Top 25 Sayings

An Alphabet’s Worth of Our Top 25 of Popular Sign and Surf Board Sayings

a) We Love The Nights We Can’t Remember With The Friends We Can’t Forget

b) I Used To Think Drinking Was Bad For Me So I Gave Up Thinking

c) Toes In The Water, Ass In The Sand, Not A Worry In The World, Cold Beer In My Hand, Life Is Good Today

d) Screw The Cracker Polly Wants a Cocktail

e) I’m On A Rum Diet; So Far I’ve Lost 3 Days

f) Wine Us Up Watch Us Go

g) A Handsome Fisherman Lives Here With His Best Catch

h) A Pretty Harley Chick Lives Here With Her Best Ride

I) Its 5 O’Clock Somewhere

j) Pee In Our Pool And The Shark’s Let Out

k) Can’t Drink All Day If You Don’t Start In The Morning

l) We Don’t Skinny Dip, We Chunky Dunk

m) Girl’s Gone Mild, No Beer Just Wine, In Bed By 9

n) Today’s Forecast, Warm With Occasional Beers

o) I Kiss Better Than I Cook and I’m A Damn Good Cook

p) Showers $1.00, To Watch $2.00, With Me $5.00

q) Campers Have ‘Smore’ Fun

r) Retired Life, Dinner Is Poured

s) I Spent Most Of My Life Fishin,’ The Rest I just Wasted

t) ‘Carpe Scrotum,’ Seize The Day By The Balls

u) Save A Ship, Ride A Pirate

v) I’m In A Key West State Of Mind

w) No Working During Drinking Hours

x) Beware Of Monkeys Throwing Poop

y) Peace, Love and Limes, Growin’ Older, But Not Up

z) Any Lyric Written By Our Friend Jimmy Buffett or Your Saying

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