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Thatch is palm leaf, in this case from Mexico, that is sustainability harvested and woven into long rolls. Our rolls are 60 foot in length and listed as 30 inches from top to bottom. The woven section is closer to 27 inches with an additional 8-10 inches of loose frond at the lower end. Thatching anything, be it as roofing which is normally the case or skirting, fence covering whatever the imagination can think of, is the strongest addition to getting that tropical look that your shooting for.

Thatch will generally last 3-5 years before needing to be replaced. Maximizing that span can be best achieved by removing or covering it for the winter, but hey we’re not into creating more work around here. Spraying it with a deck sealer to improve weathering and moisture repellent helps, just cover anything in the line of fire. This can be done annually if you’re on the ball, me I’m not so if you don’t you’re fine. This is just if you want to have a chance to squeeze the 5 years out of it.

Roofing is thatch’s primary use and it has positive attributes in addition to it’s appearance. If your building structure has a solid roof, plywood, metal, already shingled whatever, you just need to overlap the thatch where the top of the roll seam is to cover that when putting down. This way you can cover the roof area more efficiently. This stuff can go directly over any material even if you want to do so temporarily, i.e. next weekend’s parrothead party.  Taking it down means unattaching it, rolling it up and storing somewhere in your shed. If your structure has an open roof plan as is the traditional style, you will need to overlap the thatch 12-14 inches to improve water repellentcy to 80 -90%. Thatch will also keep you cooler in these scenarios by 10-15% as it allows air flow and heat to rise and escape. Pretty cool, pun intended. Fastening the thatch can be done with ideally using a staple gun, but zip ties, screws, uh gum maybe in a pinch are other options. Chicken wire is helpful in keeping it from sagging thru an open frame, and if you use it inside spray it with a fire retardant, remember it’s origin.

Natural palm panels come in a quantity of 4 and are 4 ft x 4 ft. Natural palm thatch rolls come in a quantity of 1 panel and are 57 ft x 30 inches.

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