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About Tiki Trends. Hola, my name is Michael Siemer & this is my tropically themed decoration site Tiki Trends. This idea was born out of my life-long adherence to the “Parrothead” mentality, but since I don’t live near the beach, I thought that the best way to replicate that mindset was to bring the props to me…with maybe a beer or three to help fuel the engine.

What I mainly do is personalize any of the Blank Tropical Surfboard Signs & Blank Tropical Sign Boards. Using my best drunken sailor penmanship, I will inscribe any bit of wisdom you have to offer on living or any left field notion that creeps into your addled mind. If you are having a hard time thinking of something to scribe – our Top 25 Sayings will help get you on the path. All you have to do is type out what you want your board to say when you place your order. For the do-it-yourselfers, purchase a blank board and write when the spirit hits you. It ain’t that hard.

While the personalized signs give ‘a nice hedonistic touch’ to your tropical ambience – our Thatch page is where you can add the strongest visual aid to your tropical backyard setting. Whether it’s a Palapa (akaUmbrella) for the poolside table or even better a roll of Thatch to cover your bar roof, hot tub – or in my case – shed, nothing screams the tropics like Thatch. Use it to skirt your bar front, hot tub sides, or fence line for added privacy. It’s all good. Our Bamboo page offers Bamboo Poles for creating an outdoor shower or for you to build your own Tiki Bar. So take a look, the stuff is cool & whether for indoors or outside, it’ll help get you to that ‘lazy surf, palm tree swaying in the warm breeze kinda feel’ a heck of a lot faster. Trust me – it works!